Self Love


I wanted to share a little bit of my health journey with you. 💕

Four years ago I weighed 40 lbs more then the picture below. I was obsessive about working out, tracking everything I ate, number on the scale and counting calories.. I was miserable. I would have such a strict diet that I would end up binge eating on the foods I cut out of my life and of course shame and guilt followed behind every meal. I hated my body... My relationship with food was a toxic relationship that needed to end.

Fast forward a couple years I decided I was going to love myself back to a healthy space. I was going to stop tracking my weight, food, exercise and just live.

Next thing you know friends and coworkers started complimenting my weight loss that I wasnt yet noticing. I knew clothes were looser than before but didn’t think much of it.

My relationship with food was joyous. I no longer feared eating. I could eat a piece of cake without fearing I would gain 20 lbs overnight. It was a healthy relationship after a bad breakup.

I share all of this with you to let you know food shouldn’t control you. You do not have to live controlled by every meal or cut out major food groups to reach a goal. I lost 40 lbs by focusing on wellness not fear. Fruits and vegetables are medicine to the body🌱

Love yourself back to a happy space. That is why we are in this business. Which we don’t think of as a business. It’s our way of life and we live by it every day! We believe in overall health not a number on a scale. We care how you feel on the inside, mind, body, and soul and we are grateful for every single one of you that we share this journey with💗💕


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