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Creamy Broccoli Slaw

First let me start by saying this recipe is magical! I hate broccoli but this recipe has me eating raw broccoli and I'm diving back in for more! That is a game changer in our house. We are constantly looking for new ways to stay healthy but we are true foodies at heart! We love tasty meals. We love eating foods that taste too good to be healthy.  You can find me on the couch watching cooking shows all the time but here's my issue... Most the shows I watch have very few vegan/plant-based recipes but they do give me ideas and I can't wait to veganize a dish. Let's dive in to this awesome side dish. Its easy to...

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Bomb AF Vegan Nachos

"I love cheese to much", "Cheese is life", "What do you eat grass?" These are few questions we get on a consistent bases. Our family practices plant based living. Our home is vegan and we strive for sinful living. With that said we are true foodies! We love going out to eat and creating new recipes.  When we first went vegan I was constantly trying to make foods such as wings, pizza, comfort meals, pasta, thanksgiving dishes, everything we were so accustomed to throughout our lives! It wasn't hard to make those swaps. There is amazing vegan cheeses out there and trust me we've had plenty of bad ones but our personal favorite is Violife and Daiya. They have melty mozzarella, gooey...

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